Friday, 29 August 2014

Countdown Survey

Christy @ Christy’s Book Addiction created the Countdown Survey a few months back, and I absolutely love the idea! The concept is to choose bookish things to answer each of the questions, and the number of required answers count down from 10 to 1. Here goes!

10 Books Already Released on Your Wishlist

9 Favourite Covers

8 Not Yet Released Books That You Can’t Wait For

7 auto-buy authors

Karina Halle

Marissa Meyer

Julie Kagawa

Susan Ee

C.J. Daugherty

Veronica Rossi

Cynthia Hand

6 Book Boyfriends

Dex Foray – Experiment in Terror

Tucker Avery – Unearthly

Roar – Under the Never Sky

Peeta Mellark– The Hunger Games

Varen Nethers – Nevermore

Daemon Black – Lux

5 Books You Recommend the Most

4 Books You Thought You’d Like But Didn’t

3 Books That Made You Cry

2 Books You Never Plan on Reading

One is illegible, the other is recommended my sadists...

1 Favourite Genre at the Moment.

Is All-Zee-Books a genre? No?! Ok, then it’ll be Fantasy!

Phew, I'm on a book cover high after that. It was so hard to choose only 9 favourites for question #9! What do you think of my choices and what books would you choose for each question?


  1. Haha, All-Zee-Books should be a genre! This is my favourite one too :)

    Host made me cry too. It took me forever to get into the book and I dnf it at least twice before really getting into it and now it's one of my favs. Pivot Point is a fun, face paced read, I recommend you make time for that one! And I'm really looking forward to Red Queen also.

    You are making me very curious about Karina Halle's books. I have seen them around a lot but haven't tried any yet. You seem to be a mega fan so where is a good place to start?

    1. Teehee! It would be so awesome if it was a genre! I know exactly what you mean about The Host. It took me three or four days to read the first hundred pages. I was warned beforehand that the beginning would be slow going, so I tried to plough through it, and I’m really glad I did!

      I absolutely adore Karina’s writing, but where to begin! I love quirky and unusual characters, and for me personally, I haven’t found any that match up to the ones I find in Karina’s books. I think it’ll depend on what you’re in the mood to read, and what genres you like. For contemporary, I’d highly recommend The Artist’s Trilogy. Emily May’s review of Sins & Needles sums up my feelings perfectly. There is a prequel novella, On Every Street, but I (strongly!) think it should be read after Sins & Needles. For a mix of horror and the supernatural, I personally love Experiment in Terror series. I didn’t fall completely in love with the it until the third book, but once I read Dead Sky Morning, I was hooked for life! There is a running story line through the entire series, so I’d personally think it’s necessary to read them all in order. (And avoid reading The Dex-Files until after book six! I can’t stress how important this is, as it contains spoilers galore, and it’ll ruin the series if it’s read beforehand.) She has so many more, but these would be the ones I’d suggest starting with. (Apologies for the late reply, Trish!) Hope you love her books if you try them!



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