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10 Books I Really Want To Read, But Don’t Own… Yet!

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10 Books I Really Want To Read, But Don’t Own… Yet!

Limiting this list to ten books was a lot harder than I imagined! I was considering putting a spin on the topic, but no matter how I juggled my ideas, I couldn’t include all the books I wanted to on the one list. I ended up going with my current list of books that I’d be extremely happy if they magically appeared in my post box!

Clicking on the authors name will open up each books GoodReads page.

Darkfever Karen Marie Moning book cover


Karen Marie Moning

I included Darkfever on my list last week, and I’ve been thinking about it so much since then. I have to read this soon.

All Our Yesterdays Cristin Terrill book cover

All Our Yesterdays

Cristin Terrill

Time-travel with a dystopian spin sounds so good! I love dystopians when they’re done well, and I have very high hopes for All Our Yesterdays.

A Million Suns Beth Revis book cover

A Million Suns

Beth Revis

The reason I haven’t got this book yet? The covers CHANGED! Le sigh, I just don’t get it. This cover seemed perfectly awesome to me…

Enshadowed Kelly Creagh book cover


Kelly Creagh

I read Nevermore at the beginning of this year, and it exceeded all my expectations. I need to get my hands on this book soon!

Say Her Name James Dawson book cover

Say Her Name

James Dawson

Say Her Name seems like the perfect Halloween book. But… I know I won’t be brave enough to read it anywhere near Halloween. I love being scared, but I also like a good night’s sleep!

Storm Glass Maria V. Snyder book cover

Storm Glass

Maria V. Snyder

I loved the first book two books in the Study series, and I really want to revisit that world. I prefer Ixia to Sitia: Ixia is so much grittier than Sitia, and more interesting. If it’s set in the former, I’ll be extremely happy!

Premeditated Josin L. McQuein book cover


Josin L. McQuein

Ooh the blurb sounds so good, and I was waiting on this book all last year, and for the life of me, I have no idea why I managed to forget about it until I went through my TBR list recently. I need this book!

The Collector Victoria Scott book cover

The Collector

Victoria Scott

Dante Walker is meant to be swoon-worthy. Yep, my curiosity will probably be the end of me one day!

Not a Drop to Drink Mindy McGinnis book cover

Not a Drop to Drink

Mindy McGinnis

Yet another dystopian makes the list – I still hold out hope of finding the awesome ones amongst all the rest. Not a Drop to Drink It sounds so good!

White Hot Kiss Jennifer L. Armentrout book cover

White Hot Kiss

Jennifer L. Armentrout

I originally thought this book was an NA – the cover screams NA to me! – and I have a hit or miss relationship with JLA’s NA books. With the Lux series completed, I need a new JLA YA series to start, and this should fit the bill nicely!

Which ones do you think I should get my hands on as soon as I can?

Feel free to leave a link to your TTT post if you have one. Happy Reading!


  1. I loved the Across the Universe series. Its definitely one of my all time favourites. All Our Yesterday's was another winner for me, I'm still dying to read the sequel.
    Monique @ Mo_Books

    1. I was looking at my bookshelves earlier, and I ended up paging through Across the Universe and I really need to get A Million Suns as soon as I can! Thanks for stopping by Monique!

  2. OOoh nice! I LOVED The Fever series! I read it just before the 5th book came out and omg, the cliffhanger in book 4 killed me! And my wait wasn't nearly as long as the early fans, but wow! Awesome series! I still need to read Iced, it's in my TBR mountain though!

    And ooooh Storm Glass! I love Maria's books! This trilogy was awesome! Definitely has a few surprising twists, but I still enjoyed it immensely!

    The Collector! Another awesome read! I still need to read the last in the trilogy but it was definitely an incredible one!

    And White Hot Kiss?! Another awesome read! Of course I'm biased since I love JLA's work! Though I haven't read her NA, too contemp for me!

    Hope you get all these soon!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Oooh, thanks for the heads up about the cliffhanger! When I get to book four, I'll make sure I have book five as well :D I much prefer JLA's YA books over her New Adults. I don't know what is missing exactly, but I don't click with the NA characters as much as with her YA characters. Now that the Lux series is over, I'll need to start White Hot Kiss soon ;)

  3. The Collector is one of my favorite books! It really is amazing! I am half way through A Million Suns, but in my opinion, it isn't as fast pace as the first one. All great picks! Nice list! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Brittney! I loved Across the Universe so much, I'm hoping the sequel lives up to it. I'll be keeping my expectations in check so :)

  4. Nice picks! Though I haven't read any of them! Lol.

    All Our Yesterdays sounds really interesting, might need to go snoop it out on GRs. Is A Million Suns part of a series? I feel like I've seen it somewhere before...

    I haven't heard of Dark Fever or Enshadowed. I have seen and heard good things about Say Her Name though. I own 4/6 Study books (one of those two I don't own yet would be the first one, so I can't even start the series lol). I picked them up super cheap from The Works after hearing such great things about the series, and I have to say the covers don't seem to match the great things everyone has to say about it. I haven't read any JLA yet, but I want to, she seems to be flavour of the month! I haven't heard of the rest of them but I'm going to go check them out!

    R x

    My TTT: http://confessionsofabookgeek.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/top-ten-tuesday-books-i-cant-wait-to-read-but-dont-own-yet/

    1. Yep, A Million Suns is book two in the Across the Universe series. The cover I used is quite similar to the first one. It has a similar star-scape background, with two people almost kissing. I loved that book, but never continued on with the series. I was hoping to get the paperback with the cover as I posted above, but I don't think that will happen now :(

      I've had my eye on Say Her Name for a couple of months, and it seems so creepy! With Halloween on the way, I'm starting to want to read more horror/scary/ghost stories. And oh gosh, JLA has so many books out! It's really hard to keep up with which ones belong to which series. I was convinced White Hot Kiss was a NA book, and I don't have the best of luck with her NA's, so I kept away from it. The cover screams NA to me, and not YA and gargoyles! Hopefully it's just as good as the reviews say :D Thanks for stopping by Rachel!

  5. Great picks! Say Her Name and Not A Drop To Drink are two books that I have owned for quite a while now but still haven't managed to get to. I've wanted to read All Our Yesterdays for so long, really should buy that one, it looks so good.

    1. Thanks Charnell! I'm the same about All Our Yesterdays. I've been meaning to buy it for maybe a year now, and I keep forgetting about it until after I've ordered a bunch of books. Hope you love Not A Drop To Drink, I think the sequel is out now, so I might try and get it as soon as I can.

  6. I want to read White Hot Kiss as well! But I loved the Lux series, I'm afraid to be disappointed!

    My TTT

    Isabel @ liberamans

    1. Yes! I love the Lux series, even though the last book didn't quite live up to my expectations. It's made me even more apprehensive about starting White Hot Kiss. I really want to love it, and it does sound so good. Eeek!

  7. I really loved White Hot Kiss! I'm suffering from Daemon withdrawal, I might need to re-read. Great choices!

    1. I was considering rereading the Lux series before the release of Opposition, but time caught up with me :) So glad you loved White Hot Kiss! I has lots of praise around it, and I really hope I love it too.

  8. I haven't read any of these picks but they all seem excellent! Omgosh, the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE series has gone through so many cover changes, but I'm glad they stuck with the last one---it follows the new covers for Stephanie Perkins' books in that there aren't any people featured but there are images that are important to the story. I like those better, but that's just me. (Although I will say that the first cover for the first book...absolutely breathtaking!)

    Thank you for commenting on my page btw! I hope you'll stop by again :)

    1. I can't keep up with all the cover changes the series had! I try my best to get matching books in a series, so I might try to at least get the second and third matching. I completely agree that the original first cover is breathtaking!

  9. All Our Yesterdays is pretty fantastic. I just bought Storm Glass because I enjoyed her other books too. Say Her Name looks so good. I love spooky reads.

    1. I love scary reads, and with Halloween coming up, it's the perfect timing. Ohh, hope you love Storm Glass! I loved the Study series, and I've wanted to move onto the Storm Glass series for such a long time. Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. Yess I also have All Our Yesterdays on my list! I really want to read it! And then Not A Drop to Drink looks amazing! Also, I'm debating on whether I should try Across the Universe, but having the cover change in the middle of a series kind of sucks. I feel ya.

    1. Ohh yeah! I understand why the publishers change covers, but it annoys me so much, especially if they change for the last book in a series. I loved Across the Universe, so I'm a little biased when I say you have to read it! :D

  11. I so want to read Storm Glass and Not A Drop To Drink, they look really good!

    Check out my TTT!

    Katrina @ Chased By My Imagination

    1. Yay, I really hope we both love them :D Thanks for stopping by Katrina.

  12. I really liked All Our Yesterdays, Not A Drop To Drink and Say Her Name. I hope you enjoy them!

    1. Thanks Chrissi! I really hope I love them too :D

  13. White Hot Kiss is a must read ASAP. Will definitely be one of my favourite books this year. And easily my favourite JLA book read to date.
    Also A Million Suns and Storm Glass. Fantastic books.
    The Collector is hilarious and full of snark and witty banter. I love me some Dante Walker.
    Happy reading!
    Brittany @ This is the Story of My(Reading) Life

    1. I really will have to read White Hot Kiss! I really hope I love it :D I've heard lots of good things about Dante Walker ;) Definitely will have to start is ASAP. Thanks for stopping by Brittany!



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