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Early Review: Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh book cover

Title: Rock Addiction by
Author: Nalini Singh
Series: Rock Kiss, #1
Format: eARC, kindly provided by
TKA Distribution via NetGalley
My rating: 1.5 / 5
Publication Date: September 9th, 2014
Pages: 312

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A bad boy wrapped in a sexy, muscled, grown-up package might be worth a little risk…

Molly Webster has always followed the rules. After an ugly scandal tore apart her childhood and made her the focus of the media’s harsh spotlight, she vowed to live an ordinary life. No fame. No impropriety. No pain. Then she meets Zachary Fox, a tattooed bad boy rocker with a voice like whiskey and sin, and a touch that could become an addiction.

A one-night stand with the hottest rock star on the planet, that’s all it was meant to be…

Fox promises scorching heat and dangerous pleasure, coaxing Molly to extend their one-night stand into a one-month fling. After that, he’ll be gone forever, his life never again intersecting with her own. Sex and sin and sensual indulgence, all with an expiration date. No ties, no regrets. Too late, Molly realizes it isn’t only her body that’s become addicted to Fox, but her heart…

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*I received a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley, with thanks to TKA Distribution, in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect my opinion in any way.*

My Thoughts

I was so excited to start Rock Addiction, and once it downloaded onto my Kindle App I began reading straight away. New Adult rock star books are quite a common thing to come across these days, but any book involving music will always catch my eye. As I love rock music, I always hold out hope of finding one of the gems within the genre. When it’s done right, it can be an incredible story that grips your attention right from the beginning. Unfortunately, over the past year or so, I’m finding it hard to find one of these books that fully lives up to all my expectations.

Once I saw who wrote Rock Addiction, I jumped at the chance to read it. My expectations were so high, and I was expecting to have all my hopes for the genre met and even exceeded. Initially, the book started out really well, but I quickly came up against a big pet peeve of mine. I dislike when characters jump into bed together in the first half of a book, and I like it even less when it’s in the first 8-10%. I prefer reading a slower building romance, where I get to know the characters personalities, what makes them tick, and what they see in the other person. In this instance, it’s just two random characters that I don’t know and haven’t built up any connection with, romping away because we are told they are instantly attracted to each other.

I was hoping Rock Addiction would move away from the standard New Adult tropes, but it wasn’t the case. If you have read a rock star/musician based NA book before, I hate to say, but you’ve already read Rock Addiction. For me, it didn’t bring anything new to the genre. One thing I keep mentioning in my reviews is my dislike for repetitiveness. This is also beginning to apply to the genres I’m reading, and when books follow the same lines as previous books I’ve read, they end up irritating me so much that I can’t see past these flaws.

The characters are usually my main focus when I’m reading, and when I don’t connect with them, I find it a lot harder to connect with the overall story and other elements in a book. Rock Addiction is told in dual POV’s in the third person, and I didn’t manage to connect with either of the main characters. Zachary, or “Fox,” is your typical New Adult rock star character, with the cocky attitude and asshole-ish ways that have become so familiar and Molly was the virginal wilting flower that had very little backbone and was trembling. All. The. Time!

I never thought I would ever be writing these words, but Rock Addiction has way too many sex scenes. At one stage, it felt like every 2-3% of the book had a sex scene included. I prefer quality over quantity, and it became overkill so quickly. None of the sex scenes added anything to the story: actually, it started to become very off putting. The world building was another issue that didn’t work for me. I didn’t believe the story was set in New Zealand. It’s mentioned once at the beginning, and then Auckland is mentioned further on in the story, but I never got a sense of the country at all. It could have been any city on the coast of any country in the world. The same thing happened with the other places the characters visited. We get the name, but I didn’t get a real sense of location.

On first impressions, Rock Addiction is exactly what I enjoy reading. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way I was hoping, and I don’t feel my expectations were met. From the too frequent sex scenes, to characters I couldn’t connect with, unfortunately Rock Addiction ended up not being my cup of tea.


  1. I sure hate it when you get a book you are all excited for and then it is a huge letdown. Hopefully your next one will be better. I love books with music elements to them but tend to shy from the NA scene quite often just because of all the sex. Here and there i don't mind, but I can tell that this one would have ended up a DNF for me if it was that frequent.

    Thanks for a great review Alma! Hope you have a great week ahead!

    1. Thanks Kristalyn! I was expecting such great things from Rock Addiction, and it sucks when expectations aren't met. I have the same hang-ups with the NA genre. There are a few gems, but it can be so hard to find them!

  2. Nice review! I like books that revolve around rock stars also and I'm sorry that this didn't live up to your expectations. Hopefully the next one will.
    Sharon @ Sharon's Book Nook!

    1. Thanks Sharon! It's always extra disappointing when it's a book you're pretty sure will be really good. :(



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