Monday, 23 June 2014

Don't you just love it when...

You’re away from home and you forget your blogger password?

Yep. No joke!

Since I started blogging, I’ve read lots of blog posts sharing tips on scheduling posts in advance and sharing how everyone organises their time and blogging/reading/reviewing schedules. How I envy those of you that can stick to schedules! I take one look at a planner or calendar that’s full of appointments or tasks and I feel like all the freedom has been sucked out of me and I begin to, well, procrastinate. Also, when I make a list of things I need to do, everything I write down tends to be exactly what I don’t do!

Last week, I was rather proud of myself. I knew I was going away for a few days, so I had my posts scheduled in advance, and I was feeling all angelically organised. I began to see that, yes, organisation and task lists really are awesome! I knew I’d have access to Wi-Fi where I was staying, so I’d be able to grab an hour to reply to comments, emails and the like, so I boot up the laptop one afternoon, and the log in screen pops up asking for my password. I type in my usual randomness, and then those lovely red letters pop up telling me the email or password you entered is incorrect. What do you mean it’s incorrect!? That’s my password, damn it! Then the penny drops… In my epic moments of organisation, I changed all my passwords like a good little blogger. Shame I didn’t add my new passwords to my friggin’ task list!

Instead of going through all the hoops of getting yet another new password, I decided to take a break until I went home. I’ve been so caught up in the read-review-blog circle I didn’t realise how much I needed the time away. Plus, the weather was absolutely beautiful and when that happens in Ireland, you have to make the most of it! And yeah, that view did help drag me out into the great outdoors! I mean, twist my arm and all that... ;-)

Dromineer, County Tipperary, Ireland

Dromineer is a little village in County Tipperary, right on Lough Derg, the biggest lake on the Shannon. It's a small harbour village and really quiet, but on a really warm sunny day, it's beautiful. The ruins of Dromineer Castle is in the bottom picture. It's impossible not to run into forgotten castles, towers, monasteries and church ruins all over the country. If anyone happens to visit the Tipperary/Clare area, think about staying in The Lakeside Hotel in Killaloe/Ballina. The food is amazing!

Dromineer, County Tipperary, Ireland

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