Monday 28 July 2014

I will read you – one day! I promise…

Hi, I’m Alma, and I’m a book buying addict.

I hope I’m not alone with this little problem. I have so many physical books sitting on my TBR bookshelf* that I know will take me at least two or three months to get through half of them. Don’t even get me started with the amount of eBooks I have – that runs into the hundreds (probably closer to four figures actually. Thankfully the majority are freebies!) And what do I do? I order another three physical books and one-click five more eBooks. Yeah. I’ll never learn.

(* Yup, only one bookshelf. I don’t have that much space, and I limit all my TBR’s that I really want to read to just one shelf. The result? BOXES of books I haven’t read! But that’s another story…)

There is a little problem I’ve noticed: once I start a series, a little voice insists that I. Have. To. Finish. It. NOW! As my local bookshops rarely carry any books I want to read, I turn to the wonderful interwebs and bargain shop to my little hearts content. This little obsession of mine isn’t exactly new.

See these books?

Well, erm, most of them have been sitting around the house since April. That would be April of 2013.

When I bought them, I had every intention of reading them as soon as I could. There isn’t anything wrong with the books – it’s me. Pretty, shiny new releases come along and I get side tracked.

Then there is the little matter of these lovely chunky books…

Oh yeah. I'll definitely never learn! I need to make some headway or else it’ll get to the stage I won’t have any bookshelves left for books I’ve actually read!

So here goes: I promise I will read these five pretties in August. (And I do give advanced permission to call me out on it if I don’t complete them by August 31st!)

I’ve been putting Breakable off for the past few weeks. I’ve seen lots of low ratings, and I’m terrified it’ll affect my opinions of Easy if I dislike this one. I hope I like it, but I’m not holding my breath. Throne of Glass will be the main one I’m almost certain I will love. Seraphina would be a close second. I’m a little indecisive about My Soul to Take. A book based on the banshee? Is this a wise topic for an Irish person to read? Umm, almost all Irish families have had a run in with a real bean sí at some stage down the years, my own family included. I really don’t want it to be a repeat of Carrier of the Mark… *fingers crossed* it won’t be!

What books have you bought that you meant to read, but are gathering dust instead? I hope I’m not the only one this has happened to!


  1. I get all of my books from the library and don't actually own any, but I have started having to set a limit of 3 books for when I'm at the library, lol. Otherwise I come home with like 20 books that are due back in three weeks eep!

    1. Eeek! That would cause me to panic, LOL! 3 books is definitely more manageable. Getting books from the library is the best way to keep things in order, but I just love owning my own whenever I can. I love randomly picking up a book from a shelf and flicking through the pages again. Thanks for stopping by Finley!

  2. Oh I feel what you're saying completely. I have so many books on my shelves (and way more on my kindle) that I mean to read someday hopefully maybe if time allows but really who has the time? LOL

    1. LOL, I can imagine myself in twenty years still trying to slog my way though all my kindle books! Time really isn't on our side, it it, teehee! It would help a little if I could read two or more books at once, but I end up getting the plots and characters confused! Thanks for stopping by Julie :D

  3. First of all, I HEAR YA! I have books on my shelf that have been there for TEN YEARS that I haven't read. I think picking a few to read each month is a good idea. I try to stick to that but it's hard for me to decide so I say I'll select randomly and then that never happens. I need to go back to putting together a goal post for each month. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow since we're starting August soon. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. It really is all too easy to end up with books that never get read! Getting the motivation to actually pick up one of those books and read it is so hard. I end up thinking; since I’ve put it off this long, it can wait until next week… then two months fly by! Thanks for stopping by Candace!



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