Friday, 3 April 2015

Life of a Blogger: Astrology

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When I was younger, I was completely obsessed with Astrology! It started back in my early teen years when I’d read my horoscope in magazines and newspapers. They were always really vague, but a lot of fun to read.

Then, naturally, I became curious.

There had to be more to this Astrology thing… something personal. By accident, I stumbled across a book in the library one day: Parkers' Astrology: The Definitive Guide to Using Astrology in Every Aspect of Your Life. And this was where my obsession really began. I like a challenge, so I decided to teach myself how to calculate natal charts, and to do basic interpretations! My general maths skills aren’t exactly stellar without a calculator, but I’m OK at geometry… so calculating natal charts came quite naturally to me. I got more and more interested in the subject and I ended up buying a copy of the book… and 5 or 6 other books on Astrology!

Fun Fact: Star signs don’t really exist.

When we look up our horoscope in a magazine, we’re actually referring to our Sun sign! It’s the sign (or more importantly, the degree) the Sun was occupying at the exact moment of birth. Plus, our personalities are not just represented by our Sun sign’s traits... everyone has a Moon sign, too. It’ll tell lots about your emotions. And Mercury usually indicates what your communication style is… (I could ramble on for a long time about this! I’d love to do some posts on basic Astrology if anyone would be interested in reading them. A little outside the box, but could be fun! :))

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a Sagittarian, and yep, I do share some of your typical Sagittarian traits. But, I also have a huge Capricorn presence in my chart, which keeps my inner Sagittarian on a very tight leash (bloody typical!) Ok, best way to describe this… Sagittarius is free spirited, no limits, always on the go, learning new things, laughing, having fun and getting into mischief. Capricorn created all the rules, structures, boundaries, and every other limitation you can think of, and they keep things in perfectly calculated balance; they’re usually kind of shy, disciplined, detail oriented and meticulous… basically, everything Sagittarius isn’t. Now, imagine combining them together into one person, and you end up with a battle on your hands and a severe headache!

Do I believe everything Astrology says? Hell, no! It’s a great conversation starter, and can be quite accurate about some things… but put it this way, I won’t be planning who I’m going to marry or be friends with based on their Sun sign or what’s in their charts! It's fun on an entertainment level, but planning your life around it... nah. I love spontaneity way too much!

What are your opinions on Astrology? And!! You know this question is coming… What Sun sign are you?? Any fellow Sagittarian’s?

And Happy Easter weekend! Don’t forget to eat plenty of chocolate! It becomes the most important food group over Easter. *nods* =)


  1. I think that would be a fun set of posts to read about. I don't know a huge amount about astrology but it is fascinating. I'd love to hear about how you do those charts.
    Oh and I'm a pisces and have lots of the traits like being dreamy and sensitive and prone to laziness!

  2. This is so cool! I would love to do some more research about it! I'm a Scorpio, but I'm on the cusp of Sagittarius. If I wasn't born early, I would have been a Sagittarius. So I see traits from both sides in my personality! I'll have to look up more information now!

    Lizzie @

  3. I used to be into astrology back in the day. I liked to read my horoscope online! :P I'm an Aries but I don't think I really fit with the description!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  4. I'm Leo and I used to spend a lot of time looking at astrology descriptions of my personality which werre very accurate...I'm stubborn, hold grudges and have a quick temper! Used to like reading about who I was well matched to!



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