Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme run by The Broke and the Bookish. This week the topic is Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From.

I’ve stuck with books that are actually on my bookshelves – physical or virtual – right now. If I had to dig through my old books, this would be a completely different list of authors!

 Agatha Christie photo

Agatha Christie

49 books

Yes. This shocked me as well. I knew I had built up a collection of her mysteries over the years, but I didn’t realise it had gotten this bad!

 Karina Halle photo

Karina Halle

21 books

If Karina writes it, I shall read it. All of these are eBooks unfortunately. I need to get the entire EIT series in paperback. NEED! Oh, and The Artist’s Trilogy. Yeah, OK and Love In English…

 Victoria Laurie photo

Victoria Laurie

16 books

I was over in Florida one Christmas and mooching around Barnes and Noble when I accidentally found her Ghost Hunter mystery series. I loved the covers, so I ended up buying two, and the first book in the Psychic Eye series. I ended up loving them, came home, and couldn’t buy any of them over here! Now you can see where my little obsession with buying books online began…

 Charlaine Harris photo

Charlaine Harris

14 books

True Blood sparked my interest in the Southern Vampire series. I would have read them eventually I think, but *ahem* Alexander SkarsgÄrd could be to blame for moving these up my TBR list.

 Karen Chance photo

Karen Chance

7 books

I adore her Cassandra Palmer series! I tried the Dorina Basarab series, and I didn’t connect with it for some reason. I think I missed Pritkin and Cassie too much!

 Jennifer L. Armentrout photo

Jennifer L. Armentrout

7 books

Actually, this should be 8. I have Opposition pre-ordered but since I don’t physically have the book yet, we’ll go with 7. She has so many more books I want to read, but I end up skipping over starting them. The Covenant series being the main one I’d like to read.

 Jane Austen photo

Jane Austen

6 books

I have all six of her books, with Pride and Prejudice being my favourite and most read. I tried to read Persuasion, Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey, but they never appealed to me as much as P&P did.

 Stephanie Meyer photo

Stephenie Meyer

6 books

Yep. Twilight. And The Host, and that Twilight novella she released. I loved reading them some years back, and they are the main reason I got back into reading. I didn’t read much YA before I read Twilight, and they created a monster! Now I can’t read them fast enough! So, her books will always have an honorary place on my bookshelves.

 J.R. Ward

J.R Ward

5 books

Ahh the Blackdagger Brotherhood. I loved Zsadist and Bella’s book, but unfortunately I can’t get swept away by V’s book. I tried reading it several times, and I keep putting it aside. I think I might have to admit defeat and move away from the series.

So many authors with 3 and 4 books!

I’d be able to complete a full Top Ten list, and have lots of leftovers, if I list all the authors I own 3 or 4 books from. The tip of the iceberg would include: C.J. Daugherty, John Marsden, Veronica Rossi, Josephine Angelini, Jenny Trout, Susan Collins, Aleatha Romig, Maria V. Snyder…

How about you, what authors occupy the most space on your shelves? If you have a TTT post feel free to leave a link so I can stop by, and happy reading!


  1. I also own 7 JLA books, Now I'm waiting (more like counting the days) for Opposition to release so I can have 8 ♥
    Monique @ Mo_Books

    1. Ohh I can't wait until Opposition!! Only a few days left, and they really can't go quickly enough. Hope we both love it! Thanks for stopping by Monique!

  2. This was such a fun prompt this week!
    Agatha Christie is on my list, but I don't have anywhere near 49 of her books! That is seriously impressive!

    1. I loved the topic this week too! And thanks :) I occasionally started to read her books when I was a teen, maybe fourteen or so, and I kept picking up a new book here and there through the years. I didn't realise I had so many until I counted them for this post!

  3. That's quite an Agatha Christie collection! I'm impressed. Pride and Prejudice is also my favorite Jane Austen novel and the only one I've read multiply times.
    My TTT

    1. Thanks, I had no idea I had so many until I counted them all for this post! I absolutely love P&P, and like you, it's the only one I keep rereading. I love it! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. +JMJ+

    Forty-nine books by one author isn't bad . . . It's great! =D Heck, I didn't even know that Agatha Christie had written so many! If I were an author with a long backlist, I'd be really gratified to know how many titles were on a fan's shelf. =)

    1. Thanks! I honestly didn't realise I'd collected so many. I'd get one or two here or there, and they've sort of exploded! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. NICE! Victoria is on my list too! All those Psychic Eye and Ghost Hunter mysteries! Plus her YA series which starts next year! Don't read MG so haven't read that series of hers, but yeah, she was definitely on my list! Jennifer too, because I will admit I may own more than one copy of most of her books! ;)

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. I don't read MG much either. I've seen that series, but it didn't appeal to me. But! A new YA series... now that does appeal! I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for it.

  6. I've read 10 of Charlaine Harris, 3 Jennifer L. Armentrout, all of Stephenie Meyer and have (but not read) 5 Jane Austen.

    Great list hun :)

    1. Thanks Stacie! Classics in general can be so hit or miss with me, and Austen's books were no exception. I'm a little biased, but if you have Pride & Prejudice, try that one first. I kind of wish I had! I got all six books in a box set, and P&P was the fourth I tried, and I was so surprised I loved it! Thanks for stopping by =)

    2. You're welcome. Thank you for the recommendation, I'll try to get around to it as soon as I can. The old English of it puts me of so much but I have 5 of them so I'll try.

      you're welcome, and happy reading :)

    3. Oh, I hope you love it! The language does take getting used to. For me, P&P was the one that everything sort of clicked. I read Northanger Abbey, Persuasion and Mansfield Park before Pride and Prejudice, and I wasn’t overly keen on them, and I do think the Old English was one of the main reasons why. I’d like to reread all three at some stage, see if I think differently about any of them!

  7. Agatha Christie is such a good one, you have so many of her books!

    Check out my TTT!

    And if you missed last week’s, click here!

    Katrina @ Chased By My Imagination

  8. 49 books! OMG! That is so awesome! Thanks for stopping by my list today! Hope you have a great week!

    1. LOL! I might be a little obsessed :) I started reading her books when I was fourteen or so, and they piled up over the years! Thanks for stopping by Kristalyn, have and awesome week, hun!



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